Luxury by Club Med

Club Med has invented a new luxury way of living together in a warm and elegant spirit: exceptional destinations, customized, exclusive services, original activities, interiors designed by international names in the warm-hearted spirit the Club is renowned for. Discover an exceptional new luxury experience, our 5T Resorts and 5T Luxury Spaces: luxury by Club Med.

Experience a luxury vacation in Club Med Villas, resorts and 5-Trident spaces


Enjoy a luxury vacation in Club Med Luxury Villas

Luxury Club Med Villas and the new Club Med Chalet-Apartments are magnificent vacation homes where you can share the exceptional: Luxury All Inclusive vacation, private Villas with pool, butler, unlimited free golf, tailormade family services, access to all the services in the 5T Resort.

Luxury vacation in the 5-Trident resorts, Club Med

Experience the friendly Club Med environment combined with exclusive elegance in the dream locations of our 5T Resorts, designed and decorated by the top names in design. A unique luxury experience.

Explore the Club Med  5-Trident luxury spaces in the 4-Trident resorts Club Med, for a luxury vacation

Experience the privilege of luxury by Club Med in exclusive spaces within our 4T Resorts combining luxury comforts and quality services with free access to the Resort's activities and restaurants.

This magnificent 5 mast vessel, in the category of Club Med's 5 trident resorts, offers comfort and refinement. This sailing ship combines discovery, sport and relaxation in a stylish and relaxed atmosphere.


Explore the redesigned areas areas of Club Med all-inclusive resorts for a luxury vacation with the greatest creators

Design is an essential feature of a Club Med dream vacation.

Club Med has joined forces with some of the top names in design and the young talents of the famous Ecole Boulle, to ensure that the interior design and decoration of our Resorts make your stay as elegant and comfortable as can be.

Ambiences Ephemères and Signature Events are exclusive Club Med artistic experiences that will add magic to your vacation.




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