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Travel Tips

  • Air Travel

    Due to heightened security, travelers are recommended to arrive at the airport no later than 3 hours before their time of departure. Schedule changes may occur, please contact the airline to confirm reservations and travel times. The US Department of Homeland Security and the Transportation Security Administration have new screening procedures at airports in North America. Liquids, gels and aerosols (travel-sized toiletries) must be in three-ounce or smaller containers that fit in one, quart-sized, clear plastic, zip-top bag. After clearing through security, travelers may purchase and bring aboard the aircraft beverages and other items from the secure boarding area. Please have the zip-top bag easily accessible when clearing the security checkpoint, as you will be asked to have it x-rayed. Travelers with larger amounts of prescription liquid medications, baby formula, or diabetic glucose treatments will also be required to declare such items at the security checkpoint for additional screening.

    As air travel alerts issued may change, please frequently check the TSA website (www.tsa.gov, in Canada www.catsa.qc.ca) prior to departing on your vacation for the most up to date information.

  • Is it possible to rent a car?

    For your convenience, rental cars are available on premises at select resorts. Rental facilities can also be found at airports and some train stations.

  • What are the resorts arrival and departure times?

    Below you will d details of the arrival / departure times according to your destination and chosen formula :

    For holidays by the sea and in the countryside : One-week stay (main arrivals day, free dates, short stay and weekend) :
    > Arrival : between 3.00 pm and 8.00 pm
    > Room available in the afternoon
    > Room to be vacated at 9.00 am
    > Leave Village at 3.00 pm

    For skiing holidays : One-week stay, arrival on main arrivals day :
    > Arrival : between 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm
    > Room available at 5.00 pm
    > Room to be vacated at 9.00 am
    > Leave Village at 5.00 pm

    For skiing holidays : Free date stays, short stay and weekend :
    > Arrival : between 5.00 pm and 8.00 pm
    > Room available at 5.00 pm
    > Room to be vacated at 9.00 am
    > Leave Village at 5.00 pm

    However, other times may be communicated to you on your Holiday Meeting Point where schedules more f avourable for the chosen Village have been applied. We draw your attention to the fact that the G.M® making their own way to the Village (Village/Village) are expected in the Village on the first day from 3.00pm. In the event of an earlier arrival, lunch on the first day will be invoiced except in the following Villages : La Caravelle, Columbus Isle, Sandpiper, Cancun, Ixtapa, Punta Cana and Turquoise.

  • What should I bring if I travel with my children?


    Here is an invaluable checklist to consult before closing your suitcases.

    For all children, small rucksack marked with the name of your child, high SPF sun cream especially for your child, after-sun lotion, cap, sun hat, sunglasses, beach sandals, sports shoes and socks (important for sports activities), swimsuits, anti-mosquito lotion or spray.


  • Climate

    Take time to adjust to changes in climate, temperature and altitude. Avoid excessive physical exertion on the first day. Sun exposure should be gradual; wear sunglasses, a wide-brimmed hat and sunscreen.

    Now with ClubMed.us, get the current weather in a resort, check the extended forecast before you take off, or let us help you find the best season to travel to your favorite Club Med destination.

    Visit your favorite
    resort page, then click on the link "Weather" available in the left menu. Or go to www.clubmed.us/weather

    Météonews provides live weather news for our
    all-inclusive resorts  and forecasts for the next 5 days.

  • Customs

    Read posted signs when going through customs. Keep all receipts and sales slips, and pack items to be declared together. Items which must be declared include: purchased items; gift items; items inherited while away; items purchased in duty-free shops, on a cruise ship or plane; items purchased for someone else; items purchased to sell or use in your business and items which have been repaired or altered during your trip.

  • Electricity

    A selection of our resorts are equipped with hair dryers in the rooms. If you wish to bring such items as shavers, hair dryers, electric toothbrushes, etc., remember they must have the proper voltage or be dual-voltage ready, depending on the electricity in the country you are visiting. Travel stores and most electronic stores carry converter kits, or you may purchase items which are either dual-voltage or battery-operated.

  • Health & Medical Services

    Most Club Med resorts have a registered nurse on-site and a physician on-call. However, a first-aid kit is always a good idea to bring, especially if you are traveling with children. Some items to include: medicine for motion sickness, aspirin, antiseptics, antibacterial ointment, antihistamines, antacid, insect repellent, diarrhea medicine, sunscreen, and bandages. It is a good idea to hand-carry all prescription medicine. Also bring a copy of your prescription. Note: the availability of prescription medicines may be limited in some countries. It is common for international travelers to suffer from digestive trouble. In order to minimize your risk, we recommend that you progressively adapt your diet by staying hydrated and eating well-cooked food. Water in Club Med resorts is drinkable and bottled water is also available.

  • What are the foreign languages spoken in the resorts?

    Club Med’s G.O.s® (“Gracious Organizers”) are multi-lingual, so you will not have a problem communicating within the resort. If a foreign language is spoken at your destination and you plan to explore outside the resort, bring along a “useful phrases” book.

  • How much money will we need once there? Can we exchange travelers checks?

    Bring a small amount of local currency, a major credit card and travelers’ checks. Do not keep them in the same location in case one of your bags is lost. Money can be changed at the airport or at the resort. Remember to record the serial numbers of your travelers’ checks and take emergency numbers to report lost or stolen credit cards.

  • What are the requirements in terms of passports, visas, and personal identification?

    New passport requirements: For travel outside the United States including Mexico and the Caribbean, a passport is now required. Please check www.travel.state.gov (for Canada: www.voyage.gc.ca) for complete travel information, some countries may also require a visa. Verify that your passport/visa has not expired (some countries will not allow you to enter on a passport that’s due to expire in six months or less). Check with the Tourist Board to find out the requirements of the particular country you are visiting. You may check specific consular information for any country at www.travel.state.gov. Special requirements may apply in the event a minor is traveling with a guardian or only one parent, including, but not limited to, notarized parental permission.

  • What should I pack?

    Pack light. Divide your belongings between a small, carry-on suitcase and a full suitcase so you have clothing and essentials should your checked baggage be delayed or lost.
    In your carry-on bag, you should pack prescription medications, extra eyeglasses or contacts/cleaning solution, personal feminine products, a camera and film, a portable alarm clock, pocket calculator and all important papers (tickets, passport or visa, hotel and car reservations, necessary phone numbers). General packing tips: clothing should be comfortable and easy to clean. There may be some occasion for formal wear, but casual clothing is the most useful attire. Wear natural fabrics that breathe, such as cotton. If you are staying in a warm-weather climate, bring a sweater or light jacket for cooler nights. Plastic sandals are a good idea for beaches, and a sturdy pair of walking shoes is essential. Don’t forget your swimsuit.

  • What do the travel insurance/membership benefits covers?

    Members who book in the U.S. and Canada are covered by Club Med’s exclusive Travel Insurance Plan. This wonderful value is included in the cost of your membership fee. This insurance covers trip interruption/cancellation, accidental death or dismemberment, injury or sickness, medical expenses, baggage protection, resort credit (should your baggage be delayed) and 24-hour worldwide medical and legal assistance. Deductibles and other restrictions apply. A complete description of coverage is included with your documents or is available upon request. For the convenience of our guests, Club Med also offers our new, upgraded Total Peace of Mind™ Travel Protection Program. Please inquire through your travel agent or online at clubmed.com for complete details.

  • What are the health and vaccination requirements?

    Health and vaccination requirements vary depending upon your destination. Guests should consult with their expert healthcare provider before traveling to ensure that they are fit and able to travel and that their vaccinations are up-to-date. You may also want to consult the Center for Disease Control’s website, which has extensive and easy-to-use information on Travelers’ Health for specific destinations: www.cdc.gov/travel (for Canada: www.phac-asap.gc.ca). A list of travel clinics is also provided by the International Society of Travel Medicine at their website: www.istm.org.

  • Do certain Resorts have facilities for people with reduced mobility ?

    For people with reduced mobility travelling in a wheelchair, we recommend choosing from the Resorts below: La Palmyre Atlantique, Vittel le Parc, Serre-Chevalier, Palmiye, La Caravelle, Sandpiper, Punta Cana, Ixtapa, Phuket and Turquoise. We specify however that we cannot guarantee you access, using your own means, to all activities and infrastructures in the Resorts.

    For journeys by plane, you must notify the transporters with whom we work of the need for special assistance, at least 48 hours before departure, so they can set up everything you need.

  • Can I take bulky items on the plane (windsurf, bicycle...) ?

    Each airline company has a different rule concerning bulky objects. Depending on the weight of the object, its value and bulkiness and the airline company, you may be asked to pay extra. Contact the airline company direct before your departure to avoid any surprises when boarding.

  • Are animals allowed in the resorts?

    Club Med is sorry to not be able to welcome in its Resorts the domestic animals of its G.M®, whatever the subscribed package. The guide dogs can be allowed subject to be accepted by the airline companies at the time of the travel.

  • The contact diary

    ● G.O.s® are responsible for children during the opening hours of Baby Club MedTM*, Petit Club MedTM* or Mini Club MedTM, on condition that their parent or guardian has correctly filled in the attendance register provided, in particular stating (next to their signature) the time at which the child has been left and will be collected, and where the parent or guardian can be contacted.

    ● For Baby Club MedTM* and Petit Club MedTM*, this register also functions as the contact diary. Parents or guardians can refer to the register for information about their child’s meals, diaper changes, naps and so on. If necessary they can note their comments or recommendations in the register.

    ● For Mini Club MedTM, when the register is signed on arrival, the G.O.® gives each child aged 4 to 7 years a bracelet which indicates clearly that they are enrolled in Mini Club MedTM.

  • What are children’s health formalities in terms of Medical certification?

    ● For access to the Baby Club MedTM*, Petit Club MedTM* and Mini Club MedTM, parents are strongly advised to obtain a medical certificate that demonstrates that the child or children are in a fit state of health deemed appropriate for participation in children’s group activities, including vaccination updates. This certificate should be issued by your GP (it may be subject to a charge) prior to departure, no more than 48 hrs before arrival at your resort.

    ● This is legally compulsory for children under 6 years at Opio en Provence and Vittel le Parc, for Petit Club MedTM* at Bali, Cherating Beach, Phuket and Bintan Island, and for Mini Club MedTM or Petit Club MedTM* at La Palmyre Atlantique, Pompadour and Tignes Val Claret.

    ● A health record form must be filled in before children between 6 and 12 years can be admitted to Mini Club MedTM at La Palmyre Atlantique. Club Med reserves the right to request such a document and to refuse acceptance of any chi ld into the Children’s Club concerned should it be deemed necessary. Children will in fact only be accepted into the Children’s Clubs if they are considered to be fully fit and adaptable to collective life, without any sign of contagious illness or fever and do not require one-to-one care. If this is not the case, then Club Med has the right, for the security of your child and other children within their care, not to accept the child at the Children’s Clubs, or else to put the child in isolation. Please check that your child’s vaccinations are up to date prior to departure.

  • What are children’s health formalities in terms of Vaccination?

    ● At all Baby Club MedTM* and Petit Club MedTM* resorts, the person accompanying the child must be able to show proof that all required childhood vaccinations are up to date (medical certificate or medical record). For Baby Club MedTM* this includes at least the first dose of vaccination against diphtheria, tetanus and polio.

    ● You should also ensure that there is no medical reason why your child should not take part in the sports activities offered in the resort.

    ● Only children considered fit to participate in a children’s group, and who do not have any sign of infectious illness or fever, will be admitted (in the case of illnesses that cause a rash, only when all clinical signs of illness have resolved). If there are signs of infectious illness, Club Med reserves the right to require that the child should be sent home, or at least be kept in strict isolation away from contact with other children (all common areas) until all clinical signs of illness have resolved. This precaution also applies to chickenpox (varicella), at all stages of the disease.

    ● Any medical consultation or visit will be charged to the parents or guardian.

    ● A doctor may be available at some of our Baby Club MedTM* resorts. The role of such a doctor is limited to offering help, giving advice and administering urgent first aid. It does not, under any circumstances, for ethical reasons, substitute the role of the local doctor with regard to prescriptions.

    ● No medication is to be administered to children by a G.O.®.

    ● If a child is under medication, only the parents or guardian are allowed to administer this. Under no circumstances are the Children’s Club G.O.s® authorized to replace parents in this instance.This might preclude your child from attending the Children’s Clubs (children carrying Epipens).

    ● Please make sure that you advise us of your child’s condition every time you book. Our facilities cannot cater for children who need specific medical supervision (monitoring especially) or one-to-one supervision or the assistance of a third party. These children will remain under the sole responsibility and supervision of their parents or guardian.

    ● Should a child be requested to leave one of the children’s groups due to a contagious illness Club Med reserves the right to demand strict isolation or sending home of a child from any group or commonly shared place until the illness has completely disappeared. This measure also concerns chickenpox cases. In the event of a doctor’s appointment or visit, medical or hospital expenses will be charged to the parents or guardian.

  • Supervision and facilities

    • The G.O.s® who look after children at Baby Club MedTM*, Petit Club MedTM* and Mini Club MedTM are all qualified with experience in working with small children, according to the age of the children supervised; equivalent local qualification in other countries.
    • Childcare quality standards apply to the supervision of children under 6 years; in particular, to the number of children per G.O.®. No exceptions will be made and no children will be admitted above this limit. To ensure your children are perfectly safe, G.O.s® never work alone, and other G.O.s® help when necessary.
    • Strict norms and working rules ensure perfect safety:
      – A contact diary is used to keep parents informed (account of the day, time of child’s arrival and departure);
      – Children wear a bracelet to show they are in the care of a G.O.®.
      – French and American norms apply to Children’s Club facilities (e.g. use of safety glas s);
      – A nurse is in attendance at Mini Club MedTM resorts, and a pediatrician at Baby Club MedTM resorts.

  • Some essentials to pack

    If you’re bringing your children to Club Med, here are a few useful suggestions for your packing list:

    ● Your child’s own bottle of high-protection sun cream and after-sun cream;
    ● lotion or spray against insect bites (especially mosquitoes);
    ● a small bag containing: cap, sunhat, sun glasses, beach sandals, sports shoes and socks (important for sports activities) and swimsuits. Please make sure all your child’s things are marked, or bring a marking pen;
    ● for babies: bottles, wipes, diapers, formula, favorite toy or cuddly, health record.

  • Some essentials for the journey

    ● Remember to bring a few small toys and books to keep your children occupied on the journey and some water and a snack.
    ● If you’re flying, don’t forget to bring snacks or a bottle, depending on the child’s age, to prevent earache.

  • Confidence and Safety

    Club Med has always offered vacations free from worry. While your children learn about independence, you’ll be freed from practical concerns, with nothing to worry about. Every day, Club Med’s unique values are shared with your children by our caring G.O.s®, who know just how to establish a two-way relationship of friendship and confidence with their young guests. At the same time, the children are always close to their parents and can see them whenever they like during the day.




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