Have the time of your life skiing, whatever your skill level

Whether you're looking to glide down groomed slopes or explore the ski area with your friends and family, these tips and tricks will help you make the right choice. Slide on your ski suit and you're ready to go!

Skis for every skill level

Beginner, intermediate, expert...pick the right skis to progress at your own pace.

Choose short, narrow skis until you're familiar with the basic motions and can turn on blue and green runs. Shorter skis are easy to handle, offer excellent grip, and allow you to react faster. Choose fairly flexible bindings to make it easier to remove your skis.

Already comfortable making turns and improving quickly on the slopes? To increase your speed and progress, go for a slightly wider, more rigid ski that offers greater control while carving. As your skill level increases, so should the rigidity of your skis.

For those who know how to carve - i.e. take super sharp turns while leaning over as far as possible - a high-performance ski is a must. Carving skis have a parabolic shape that is ideal for making turns without losing speed. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Fun and excitement on all terrains

At Club Med, the slopes are open to children and adults alike, regardless of their level. For faster reaction times, choose shorter skis with a narrow waist.

To tackle all kinds of snow conditions, choose a pair of all-mountain skis. These skis are slightly wider than classic skis, and feature a rocker, or reverse camber, for easier handling.

If you're a fan of all-terrain skiing, choose skis with a wide waist (at least 90 mm) and long, wide tips for a one-of-a-kind feel. Flat-heel skis offer speed and stability.

Freestyle lovers will want to go for some lightweight and durable twin-tip skis, which are perfect for jumping and always landing on your feet.

Skis: how do I choose the right size?

Got a question or need some advice? Our G.Os® are here to help!

Each Club Med Resort has its own Ski Pro Shop®. In addition to quality clothing, you'll find a wide range of premium, high-tech skis from our partner brand Rossignol, available for purchase or rent.

At Club Med, you can always be sure of making the right choice thanks to the expertise of our G.Os®. Trained by Rossignol, these Ski Experts offer **tips on buying or renting skis **that are suitable for your level and the type of terrain you want to tackle.

Bringing your own equipment? Have it checked by Club Med Ski Experts. We wax, sharpen, and service skis, upon request.

Questions to ask before buying or renting skis

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