Our team of G.Os will help you choose the right lesson.

How will I know what I need to work on? At Club Med, group lessons are offered as part of the All-Inclusive Package and split into different levels so everyone can progress at their own pace. Sébastien Scott, head of the La Plagne 2100 Resort and the ESF/Club Med ski instructor team, gives you some pointers to help you determine your skiing ability level.

The right lesson for all levels

Once your registration is confirmed (in person or online before you arrive), we'll organize the week according to the skill level of each G.M®. If you've selected a week-long stay, your first lesson session will be held on Monday morning. You'll start by skiing a few hundred feet so the instructor can assess your level and put you in the right class. You'll therefore be surrounded by people of the same level, allowing you to feel more comfortable and motivated than ever.

Learning how to ski as an adult: tips and instructions

Use this list to check your level of skiing experience.

  • Level A: You've never skied.
  • Level 1: You can do a snowplow turn.
  • Level 2B: You can turn with your skis almost parallel.
  • Level 2B: You can turn with your skis parallel in a wide arc.
  • Level 3B: You've mastered the parallel turn.
  • Level 3A: You can ski on all types of runs.
  • Level 4: You can ski on all types of snow and terrains.

Here's a list of the levels:

  • Level 1: You've never snowboarded before or only for a few hours.
  • Level 2: You can turn both ways.
  • Level 3: You can control your speed and direction.

Children's ski levels at the ESF

Starting from 3 years of age, your child can enjoy their first winter sports experience at Club Med, accompanied by dedicated and experienced professionals.

Here's a list of children's levels:

  • Birdie: Your child is under 5 years of age.
  • Teddy Bear: Your child is 5 years of age or older but has never skied.
  • Snowflake: Your child can slide and do a snowplow stop.
  • 1st Star: they're still learning snowplow techniques but can get their skis parallel between each turn.
  • 2nd Star: They're starting to make parallel turns on blue runs.
  • 3rd Star: They can parallel ski and maintain their balance at high speeds.
  • Bronze Star: They can parallel ski and do a hockey stop at high speeds.
  • Gold Star: They can do several small turns in a row, all the while controlling their speed. They can jump when skiing over bumps.
  • Freestyle Competition: They're starting to excel at giant slalom. They can change their pace and the radius of their turns with improved mastery over their skis.

Practical tips for your stay at Club Med

The equipment is ready and waiting for you in the ski room, so you can arrive at the Resort stress-free. However, you can register on site, after check-in, from 4 pm to 8 pm on Sunday (for a one week stay).

Skis: how do I choose the right size?

After booking your stay, take advantage of our Easy Arrival option which allows you to:

  • enter your shoe size and weight
  • sign the family up for lessons
  • enter the information we'll need to take care of the kids

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