Choosing skis for kids or toddlers? Let our Ski Experts show you the way.

Enjoy a safe and stress-free winter sports vacation with your family. By renting equipment for your kids online or in person, you'll be sure it meets all the necessary requirements. Here are a few tips for choosing the right ski size for kids.

Height and age: two factors for choosing the right ski size for your child

To determine the proper** ski length for your child, you'll want to **consider their height, age, and requirements with regard to handling, stability, speed, etc.

Although the ski size is mainly contingent on the height of your child, it also depends on their skill level. For a beginner, choose a pair of skis that are ** **** **5 to 15 cm less than the height of your child. The shorter the ski, the easier it is to control and the faster your little one will improve. When your child starts to feel comfortable on the slopes, you can switch to skis that are the same size as they are (or 5 cm shorter), up until they reach the age of an adult.

Not sure? Below you'll find a table with the average heights of children at a given age.



For girls:

  • 4 years : 97 cm
  • 8 years : 1,18 m
  • 10 years : 1,30 m
  • 12 years : 1,44 m
  • 15 years : 1,55 m
  • 18 years : 1,65 m

Choosing children's skis in accordance with their level

Your children's skill level and experience are key factors for determining the type of skis they will need for safe, comfortable, and enjoyable skiing.

First steps on the slopes: straight skis are better for child beginners because they offer greater stability and maneuverability.

Having gained in confidence and mastered their technique, young skiers will soon be making parallel turns in quick succession. These skiers should choose versatile, parabolic skis that are perfect for progressing and enjoying the ungroomed edges of the slopes.

Children's ski schools in our holiday villages

How do I choose kids' skis at Club Med?

Every Club Med Resort in the mountains has its own Ski Pro Shop. You can rent all your winter sports equipment there (at an extra charge). Also while there, take advantage of the helpful advice of our Rossignol-trained G.O® Ski Experts. If you are already in possession of the guide to ski sizes for your child, you can reserve your equipment online before your arrival.

Choose in accordance with their level - beginner, intermediate, or expert - by selecting a Performance, Sport, or Small Child Ski Kit.

As part of its partnership with Rossignol, Club Med renews its stock of skis every year.

This winter, enjoy free lessons and a carefree vacation by opting for an all-inclusive ski vacation by Club Med.

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