Skiing, snowboarding, freeriding: make the most of Rossignol's latest technology at the Club Med Ski Pro Shop

At Club Med, you can buy or rent your winter sports equipment directly at our Resort. The Ski Pro Shop is a full-scale ski shop located inside each Resort. Take advantage of all of Rossignol's latest technology, whether you're a skier, snowboarder, hiker, or freerider.

Club Med and Rossignol: an exclusive partnership for the ultimate winter sports experience

Every Club Med Resort in the mountains has its own Ski Pro Shop. Skis, snowboards, boots, helmets, poles: buy or rent gear made by all the most exclusive brands, including Rossignol, the global leader of the winter sports sector. The Ski Pro Shop® is also the perfect place to pick up your recreational and protective equipment. Everything from the GoPro® camera to an airbag backpack, to masks, shin protectors, back and wrist protectors, and technical'll find it all in the ski room at Club Med.

Need some help? Our G.O® Ski Experts, trained by Rossignol,* will help you choose just the right equipment for your style and level.

*The Rossignol brand is offered in all Ski Pro Shops® in Europe, as well as the Yabuli Resort in China.

Skis: how do I choose the right size?

High-tech equipment for every style and level

In partnership with Rossignol, Club Med offers a wide range of equipment for every style and level.

Ask our G.O® Ski Experts for help when choosing between the Prestige, Performance, Sport, and Leisure lines, which include alpine skiing and snowboarding equipment for adults. Explore our selection of classic or skating cross-country skis. Find it all at the Ski Pro Shop®.

We also offer Rossignol-brand winter sports equipment for younger skiers. Our younger guests can choose between three lines of products:

Ski kits for kids aged 3 and over and enrolled in the Winter Sports and Joy of Snow course*;

Sport for beginner and intermediate skiers;

Performance for intermediate and expert level champions (Bronze Star and higher).

*At extra cost

Rossignol: long-time supplier to Club Med

Thanks to its partnership with Rossignol, Club Med lets you hit the slopes with top-of-the-line equipment made from the very latest technology. Each year, Club Med upgrades its entire stock of equipment. Skis, snowboards, boots...take advantage of all the new arrivals.

Try all kinds of winter sports with personalized and innovative gear. Groomed trails, freestyle, freeride, snowboard, cross-country: our G.O® Ski Experts, trained by Rossignol, will help you choose the right equipment for you.

You can also call on their expertise to service your equipment, whether it's your own or rented. Repairs, waxing, sharpening: Club Med's ski experts pull out all the stops to ensure you get the most out of your winter sport experience.

Choosing skis that match your style and skill level. Our tips

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