When it comes to size, there's plenty of choice in junior snowboards. Our experts will help you choose the right size for your kids. They know how to pick just the right board for your child's needs.

Does your child want to be a snowboarder? Before they start tearing up the slopes, here are a few tips on choosing the right size snowboard for maximizing both safety and fun.

How do I calculate the right snowboard size for my child?

To calculate the length of a** junior snowboard, you must first **take your child's height into consideration. In general, the **board **should be 10 to 20 cm less than the height of your child.

If your child is between:

If your child is taller than the heights listed above, they will probably need a snowboard for adults.

If you're unable to determine the exact height of your budding athlete, the following tip may come in handy: held vertically, the board should come to somewhere between the top of their neck and their nose**.**

What type of snowboard should I choose?

The choice of** a junior snowboard** depends on your child's age and skill level. Snowboarding from the age of 3? Yes, it's possible! In this case, you'll want a baby snowboard measuring 80 cm or less. Children usually start snowboarding at around the age of 8. At this age, you can choose from two styles of snowboards.

The twin tip**, **a symmetrical children's snowboard with the bindings centered on the board to allow the rider to slide backwards and forwards. With this board, kids can experiment with jumps and rotations.

The rocker**, a children's snowboard** with improved grip and stability for easier turning.

How do I pick a snowboard for my child at Club Med?

At Club Med, you can rent your child's snowboard on-site or book it online.

When you arrive, simply head for the Ski Pro Shop® - there's one in every Club Med Resort. You'll find a wide selection of winter sports equipment available for purchase or rental. Simply take the suggestions of our Rossignol-trained G.O® Ski Experts. Depending on the level of your champion - beginner, intermediate, or expert - you'll be directed to the most suitable collection. Club Med, in partnership with Rossignol, renews its stock of snowboards** **every year.

You may also choose to reserve gear for the entire family before your vacation by taking advantage of our Easy Arrival service. To calculate the right size for your child's snowboard, simply enter your preferences in your online Club Med account.

How does the Club Med ski pass work?

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