Before buying or renting skis, ask yourself three simple questions.

Find the perfect skis for you. Before buying or renting a pair of skis, ask yourself a few simple questions. Do you like groomed runs or freestyle? Are you a beginner or expert? What are your physical characteristics? These questions will allow us to provide the perfect skis for you.

Which skis for which use?

Narrow and designed with a classic camber (i.e. curved toward the inside, starting from the contact points between the heel and the front tip), downhill skis provide for excellent grip. With downhill skis, you can negotiate your turns with style.

For you, is skiing synonymous with adventure? Freeride skis, made with a flat camber and front and back rockers (which raise the tip and heel), are ideal for tackling powder.

By renting, you can get a feel for each type of ski. If you buy, you'll enjoy the comfort of owning your own pair of skis, but will need to use them regularly (more than once per year) to get your money's worth.

Rossignol and Club Med: buy or rent your equipment

What is my ski level?

Before buying or renting skis, you'll need to determine your skill level.

If you're a beginner, choose skis that are easy to handle, measuring around 10 centimeters less than your height for better balance. Experienced skiers, on the other hand, should choose longer skis.

Your level is also a determining factor in the choice of bindings. If this is your first experience skiing, it's better to go for a moderate binding strength of 3 to 6 DIN. Flexible bindings are easier to release, if needed. However, the more experienced you are, the more rigid your bindings should be so you can withstand pressure. A setting of 8 to 13 DIN is suitable for experts, and up to 24 DIN for professionals.

Renting gives you the flexibility of using equipment that matches your progress, year after year.

What are your physical characteristics?

Before buying or renting skis, answer the following two questions regarding your physique:

How much do you weigh? Knowing your weight is essential for finding the right skis for your body: light for "featherweights" and heavier for everyone else.

How tall are you? Your ski length will be longer or shorter, depending on your skill level and the type of skiing you will practice. But the main criterion is your height: you should know it to the nearest one or two centimeters.

If your children are growing, it therefore makes better sense to rent their skis than buy them. Renting also makes life easier as you won't have to worry about storage and transportation. You'll enjoy your ski trip all the more!

If you're staying at a Club Med Resort, our G.O® Ski Experts, trained by Rossignol,* will help you choose just the right equipment for your style and level.

Ski size? How to choose and how does it work?

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