All Inclusive Vacations in Malaysia & Thailand

Malaysia is famed for its sublimely tropical beaches, while deep in the jungles orang-utans roam. The countries terrain is made of a variety of contrasting types, with misty mountain ranges, well preserved national parks and, in Borneo, lush jungles inhabited by remote tribes. Meanwhile, the capital city of Kuala Lumpur is home to the world’s second tallest building - the Petronas Towers. Thailand is one of the most fascinating and colorful destinations in the world. It is a modern nation that has retained its distinct national culture, featuring lush terrain, impressive wildlife, beautiful beaches, and a host of entertainment to explore. Many western travelers come for the natural beauty and vibrant culture of Thailand, which is unique for a Central Asian nation because it’s never been colonized by a European power. Food is one of the biggest attractions in Thailand.