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The best of the Mini Club activities, tested and approved by our G.Os

Bring Mini Club to life in your own home, with these kid-favorite activities, designed for kids all ages!

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Create Your Own Club Med Show

Give your children a box filled with clothes, fun accessories and props from around your home. Encourage them to use their imagination to bring a show to life, such as a musical performance, a special dance, or acting out their favorite movie! Now sit down (on your couch), and enjoy the show.

Club Med Food Art

Make snack time fun by creating a unique design on a plate using healthy snacks for kids. Turn fruit and toast into a cute sea creature, koala or bear!

Club Med Quiz

What kind of G.O. are you?

Take a fun quiz to find out what kind of G.O. you would be - Watersports, Restaurant, Mini Club, or Sports!

Let’s find out

Can you spot the differences?

Find the 7 elements that have changed or are missing from one photo to the next. Download this fun activity and test your detective skills in Club Med paradise!

Let’s start

Fun Word Games

Channel your inner traveler with Club Med crossword and word search games illustrated by Amazing Family artist Leona Rose.

Play games

Color Treasure Hunt

Tested and approved by our Baby & Petit Club G.Os, an activity sure to keep your kids up to 3 years-old entertained!

Parents will lead the game by picking a color of an item they spot in their homes, by saying… “I spy with my little eye, the color yellow!” and little ones will look for things around the house that match that color. Kids will shout their guesses… “a banana!” or “mom’s straw hat from Cancun!” until they guess right!

Experience Life-Size Animals In Your Home

Invite an animal friend home with Google AR animals. Level up homeschooling by helping your kids grasp the scale of animals you can spot, such as a sea turtle on the beaches of Ixtapa, or the various species of sharks in Maldives.

Simply google the animal you wish to view and scroll down till you find the 'View in 3D' button.

Discover how to!

Create Your Ideal Club Med Vacation Collage

First, gather old magazines and newspapers from throughout your home. Next, take a pair of scissors and cut out your favorite destinations, activities, outfits, and anything that inspires you. Then, with glue, paste your cutouts on a blank piece of paper or poster board, and watch your next dreamy getaway come to life!

Water Sensory Fun!

Tested and approved by our Baby & Petit Club G.Os, an activity sure to keep your kids up to 3 years-old entertained!

With the warmth of the Spring sun, it’s the perfect time to splash around and enjoy some water fun!
Gather a bin, some toys, and just a splash of water to make any of the following sensory games come to lif in your own backyard: a pretend washing station for their doll or favorite truck, gather several toys and guess which items will sink or swim, pick up leaves, flowers and rocks from your outdoor area to create a natural pond… the possibilities are endless.

Open your eyes to find hidden objects

How many tridents are there? Where is the member of the Amazing Family hiding? Solve each puzzle, and finish it off by coloring in the beautiful illustrations by @LeonaRose!

Start solving

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