Sailing, water skiing, and surfing: dive into an ocean of water sports

Enjoy an all-inclusive vacation in the sun in the Mediterranean, Caribbean, or Indian Ocean, and reap all the benefits that turquoise blue waters have to offer fans of water sports. Whether you're a beginner or experienced athlete, numerous water sports await at our Resorts. All your equipment is provided and ready to use. Launch yourself from a pontoon on the other side of the world and go water skiing or wakeboarding in a blue lagoon. Let yourself be carried away by the sea breeze on a windsurfing board or fly over the waves while attached to a power kite. Explore the seabed on a scuba diving expedition* among schools of multicolored fish. PADI** experts are available at Resorts in the Caribbean, Asia, and the Indian Ocean, and eager to show you the world's most beautiful coral reefs. Set sail on a monohull or giant trimaran. Go paddleboarding, snorkeling, or kayaking: sporting vacations on and by the sea are all about choice. *At extra cost **Professional Association of Diving Instructors

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Glide across the water for the thrill of a lifetime

Whether you're a beginner or more experienced sailor, you can take a sailing lesson during your next vacation. "You'll start with the basics that are taught on the beach," explains Christian Hilaire, Sports Expert for Club Med. "Then you'll head out to sea to put theory into practice. There are lessons for every level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. The same goes for windsurfing," he adds.

For sailing, he highly recommends Bodrum Palmiye in Turkey. "The wind is steady and the equipment is perfect. You can also try a funboard - a windsurfing style board with added buoyancy. This is one sport that requires a great deal of wind."

If breakneck speeds are your thing, choose a package with various fast water sports options. While wakeboarding, you'll be towed behind a boat during a ride full of adrenaline. Ditto for waterskiing, where you can choose between a traditional pair of skis or a monoski. At Cefalù, kitesurfing (only available in the summer at an extra cost) and motorized surfing will give you a taste of the Mediterranean's impressive swells. As for surfing lessons,* the superb waves of Bali in Indonesia are an excellent choice.

*At extra cost

Enjoy all the sea has to offer with free access to equipment.

In addition to group lessons taught by expert G.O's, you also get free access to kayaks and paddle boards. Head to your seaside Resort's water sports center and pick out your gear for a day on the water. 

As the person who oversees the Resorts' sporting facilities, Christian Hilaire can confirm that only top quality equipment is used. "Club Med provides paddle boards and kayaks as part of your vacation package. You're guaranteed to find the right board for any outing."

At some Resorts (such as Club Med Cancun Yucatan), more experienced sailors can borrow a catamaran and go sailing whenever they like. The same goes for windsurfing.

Where to try paddle boarding at Club Med.

Admire a rich marine landscape

To the left, a school of colorful parrot fish. To the right, a turtle heads out to sea. Slide on your mask, snorkel, and flippers, and observe the bountiful marine life to your heart's content. At the Club Med Les Boucaniers Resort in Martinique, you can also board a boat for a snorkeling session in the Caribbean Sea. And in Palmiye, you can hop on a traditional Turkish caique. In Bali, choose from 3 snorkeling sites located just minutes from the Resort - the perfect way to spot local marine life.

Go scuba diving* to discover the wonders roaming the depths. At Kani in the Maldives or La Pointe aux Canonniers in Mauritius, you'll contemplate turtles, Napoleon fish, and lionfish in seas that can reach 82°F. If you prefer the Bahamas, Columbus Isle is a favorite amongst divers thanks to its crystal clear waters.

*At extra cost

Club Med: where and how to get your Level 1 Diver Certification

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