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Do you wish to be contacted by phone? Our Club Med’s Groups Advisors can be reached at: +1 (888) 567-1777 ext 4.

Debbie Miller

Business Development Manager - MICE English Canada

☎ (416) 262-1475

Debbie Miller has over 20 years’ experience in destination sales. She is a client-centric sales professional. Formerly with Destination Toronto, Debbie was the face of the Canadian corporate market. Armed with passion, authenticity, humor and product knowledge, she excelled in her role to grow brand awareness and build the visitor economy. She is a proud member of SITE, MPI, PCMA and Second City.

Lisanne Paradis

M&E Sales Operation Manager

☎ (514) 227-3962


Her relationship with Club Med began in 1988 when she replaced our CEO’s assistant during her six-month maternity leave. She then worked as a Member Relations Coordinator, and for the past 24 years, in development at Meetings & Events by Club Med, Canada. Lisanne is a pillar of the Groups department. With her vast knowledge of Club Med’s products, she can help you decide from among all our destinations around the world, according to the type of event and group. The company has also recognized her as a “Club Med Expert.” This title is given to Club Med employees who demonstrate strong expertise and a unique understanding of our products. Lisanne welcomes and processes each group’s request in a highly professional manner. That being said, she is also known for a sense of humour, and, like the Club, for her warm and friendly nature. One of her favourite travel destinations, recently discovered with her partner: Morocco.

Amélie Cadieux

Meetings and Events Sales Specialist

☎ (514) 227-3923

Amélie first joined the Club Med team in 2007. After working for three years as a booking agent, she temporarily left Club Med, gaining two years of experience in a travel agency. She returned in 2012, becoming a Groups and Sales Coordinator at Meetings & Events by Club Med, Canada. Since then, she has been coordinating and managing group operations in planning trips. She makes sure that all their needs are met, from the signing of the contract to the follow-up after the return of the group. She has also had the pleasure of accompanying certain groups in order to make sure their program is carried out smoothly by the Meetings & Events by Club Med teams already on-site. With over eight years of experience in sales and customer service, Amélie offers service that is customized, fair, and sincere. She is meticulous and attentive to detail, with a personal mission to make every event a success. Amélie definitely chose the right career – she has a long-standing passion for travel, and also enjoys scuba diving and snowboarding.

Eman Awad

Meetings and Events Sales Specialist

☎ (514) 227-3927

Eman came to Canada in 2013. She has a career path of over 20 years in tourism and travel industry (sales, customer service, flight tickets and group operations management). She was also formulating, signing and updating contracts for various foreign tour operators and hotels in different destinations in Egypt. Eman also worked on optimizing the different packages and programs to gain profitability. She has been with Club Med, within the call center for over 2 years, with a strong track record for her performance and sales accomplishments. In Canada and before Club Med, Eman has worked with Vision Direct Travel for their corporate travel division.

Julieta Urquidy Rodriguez

Group Sales Coordinator

☎ (514) 227-3961

Julieta has almost 10 years' experience in management and catering. After completing her studies in Tourism and Hotel Management, she decided to open her own travel agency in her native country, an adventure that lasted 3 years. On her return to Canada, Julieta pursued in management until 2022, when she joined the Club Med family. She is now Group Sales Coordinator, a role she really enjoys. She coordinates and manages group travel planning requests prior to arrival in the Village. Julieta takes charge of each group from the moment the contract is signed until the group returns from their stay in the Village. She is an avid traveler and discoverer of new cultures.

Jordan Farray

Meetings and Events Sales Specialist

☎ (514) 227-3928

After spending 11 years in the healthcare sector as a unit coordinator in a major Quebec hospital, Jordan discovered his passion for people contact and transitioned to a sales position a year before the pandemic. When the hospital faced staff shortages during the crisis, he returned to help out until March 2022. It was then that he embarked on a fulfilling career with Club Med. With his heart firmly rooted in his role as a loving father of two beautiful children, he finds joy in the outdoors, sport, skiing and snowboarding and, of course, travel. Discovering the world alongside his family remains a treasured pursuit, forging unforgettable memories and strengthening their bond.