Club Med and its partners offer you a Basic Protection Plan as part of your all-inclusive package, as well as the possibility to purchase our Serenity Protection Plan: an additional plan with extended coverage

Why subscribing to our Serenity Protection Plan?
Thanks to our Serenity Protection Plan, you can cancel up until the last minute in case of Covid-19 (if you or another person covered by the insurance is tested positively to Covid-19 prior departure for example) Your package, including your flights will be refunded without any fees by the insurance.

In case of Covid-19, the insurance covers your cancellation if:

  • you are tested positive to Covid-19 prior departure (a proof of a positive test dated less than 72h will be required)
  • You have to quarantine because of a suspicion of Covid-19
  • You are tested positively at the airport
  • one of your close relative (is infected or hospitalized due to Covid-19