The holiday season is fast approaching, and it's time to plan something really special for your team. This year, give them a Christmas party to remember. This all-inclusive event will be the perfect opportunity to thank your team and allow them to strengthen ties, relax in a magical setting and leave with beautiful memories.

Celebrate an unforgettable Christmas

Make your end-of-year event a magical one by choosing our Resort as your backdrop. Nestled in picturesque, snow-covered landscapes, Club Med Québec Charlevoix offers much more than just a party. It's an immersive experience that combines fun, relaxation and team spirit in an exceptional setting.

Here's why Club Med Québec Charlevoix is the ideal place for your Christmas party:

Idyllic setting

Immerse yourself in an idyllic setting where Quebec's winter nature blends with the festive atmosphere of Christmas, creating a magical, enveloping ambience for your stay.


We offer you a personalized experience from start to finish. From decorating arrangements to special activities, every detail will be adjusted to your preferences, so that your Christmas party is a perfect reflection of you.

Escape from routine

Give your employees a well-deserved escape from the daily grind. Leave professional worries behind and immerse yourself in an atmosphere of relaxation and celebration that will rekindle team spirit.

Excellent festive food

Enjoy an exceptional culinary experience with our festive menu featuring a refined selection of seasonal dishes, regional delights and gourmet creations, all prepared by our talented chefs.

Music, entertainment, dancing

Dance the night away with our spellbinding entertainment program. From upbeat bands to captivating dance performances, the festive atmosphere will be in full swing.


Foster cohesion within your team by taking part in activities specially designed to strengthen bonds. From interactive games to sharing moments, the Christmas party will be the perfect opportunity to forge lasting bonds.

Memorable moments

Create memories that will last a lifetime with this unique experience. Capture precious moments with your colleagues in an enchanting and festive environment.

Enjoy a hassle-free all-inclusive experience. We take care of every detail, from comfortable accommodations to festive meals and activities, so you can focus fully on the moment. What's more, there's no need for long flights - Club Med Québec Charlevoix is easily accessible, so you can maximize your celebration time.

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