Our Destinations

We have heavenly hideaways in the world’s most incredible places. Situated beside national parks, rainforests, pristine Caribbean beaches, fairways of distinction, majestic alpine mountains with Olympic ski runs, protected reefs or famous ruins… each all inclusive resort is unique — each experience is unforgettable. Discover our destinations ideal for family vacations, couples escapes or singles getaways located in the most breath-taking locations.


Stretching from the Caribbean Sea to the Arctic Circle, North America has a dizzying variety of terrains.

The Caribbean

For anyone looking for sun, sea, sand and adventure, the Caribbean is a veritable paradise. White sand beaches, warm turquoise waters and a variety of activities for all ages make vacations to the Caribbean postcard perfect.


Central America meanwhile, bears the legacy of once great Mesoamerican civilizations, among fertile valleys and a huge variety of plants and animals of all types.

The Alps

The highest and most extensive mountains in Europe, the Alps are, without a doubt, the ideal location for memorable ski vacations. But not only! Beyond winter sports, the Alps offer a spectacular backdrop for summer activities, Alpine villages with traditional woodworking, cheese making and strong cultural identity. A perfect destination for the entire family.

Millions of people flock here every year for winter leisure and sport. An all-inclusive vacation in the Alps will put you in perfect proximity to this sprawling mountain range that stretches from France to Italy.

Europe & Mediterranean

Europe is a modern continent with a rich history. Medieval castles are testament to millennial of prosperity interspersed with conflict. Rolling green countryside gives way to dramatic mountain ranges and idyllic beaches, while museums and galleries offer up evidence of Europe’s rich culture and heritage.


Home to ancient ruins, bustling capitals and rolling national parks, Africa offers a unique mix of the traditional and contemporary. With landscapes ranging from arid deserts to fertile jungles, there is something for everyone to explore and ample opportunity to spot spectacular, iconic wildlife.

Asia & Indian Ocean

From ski vacations in China, to beach vacations in Maldives, our all-inclusive destinations in Asia & Indian Ocean have it all. Check out our extensive list of beautiful resorts perfect for the whole family.

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