All-Inclusive Spring destinations

The sun is shining again, the buds are blooming and the temperatures are getting milder? That's all it takes for you to travel in one of our many destinations this spring.

Why travel in spring?

Amazing Weather with warm temperatures and lots of sunshine
Lower season, avoid the big crowds and enjoy a relaxing retreat
Best time of the year to discover new culture/sceneries
Exhilarating activities, relaxing wellness programs, & more
Workation in paradise: Trade in your regular office views for breathtaking views

Where to travel:


All-inclusive Spring vacations in Quebec

Just over an hour away from Quebec City, discover Club Med Quebec Charlevoix, the unique Canadian Resort. Facing the famous St Lawrence River and immersed in natural surroundings, the Resort offers an invitation to explore amazing landscapes.

It’s the time to rest, relax and enjoy the awakening of nature at Club Med Quebec Charlevoix.

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Must Try Experiences this Spring

Quebec Charlevoix

Just over an hour away from Quebec City, discover Club Med Quebec Charlevoix, the unique Canadian Resort. Facing the famous St Lawrence River and immersed in natural surroundings, the Resort offers an invitation to explore amazing landscapes. Whatever the season, the colours and the magic of the natural world offer the promise of a unique experience of both the river and the mountains. Contemporary architecture blended with traditional Native American culture make up a distinctive world filled with the best of history and modernity.

Caribbean and Mexico

All-inclusive Spring vacations in the Caribbean

Spring is an excellent time to visit the Caribbean or Mexico due to the warm and sunny weather, making it perfect for outdoor activities. Additionally, visitors can participate in many cultural festivals and events during this time, providing an immersive experience of local traditions. Finally, the spring is an ideal time with many fish species migrating to the waters of the Caribbean and Mexico. Springtime in the Caribbean or Mexico offers a perfect balance of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and outdoor activities, making it an ideal time to visit.


Must try activities in Spring in the Caribbean & Mexico

Tropical adventures

Venture outside the resorts and you’ll discover a picture-perfect tropical paradise, from the hidden forests and caves of the Three Eyes national park to the magical blue waters of Hoyo Azul. Hike up the majestic Mt. Pico Duarte, fly through the jungle on a zipline, or explore the caverns of Cueva de las Maravillas or “Cave of Wonders”.


A beach lover’s heaven

With 40 islands to choose from, the Turks & Caicos islands are the perfect place to soak up the Caribbean sunshine. This sunny archipelago is home to hundreds of beaches including Grace Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. From lush mangroves to romantic coves, this is the perfect place for sun vacations.


Underwater world of wonders

Named after the shallow, warm seas that surround the islands, The Bahamas are perfect for diving, snorkelling and water sports. There are 20 diving hotspots close to our all-inclusive Bahamas holiday resort alone, including stunning shipwrecks and coral reefs where you and your family can swim alongside friendly sharks and tropical fish.

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Europe and the Mediterranean

All-inclusive Spring vacations in Europe & the Mediterranean

Spring is an ideal time to explore Europe and the Mediterranean. Moreover, visitors can experience cultural festivals and events unique to the region. From the famous mountain views in France to Easter celebrations in Spain, there is no shortage of fascinating traditions to enjoy. Overall, spring offers a great opportunity to discover its charm and beauty.


Must try activities in Spring in Europe and Mediterranean

Rich in culture

A visit to the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre or Versailles is a must, but venture further afield and you’ll discover a wealth of art, history and adventure perfect for family-friendly vacations and cultural getaways. Explore a real fairy tale castle with the kids at Mont St-Michel, take a fragrant stroll through perfume history at the Fragonard Museum, or get star-struck at Cannes’ La Croisette boulevard.


Perfect for Vacation

With its beautiful beaches, rich cultural history and gregarious welcome, Spain is the perfect destination for family vacations and romantic getaways. Visit Marbella's picturesque old town or explore the Moorish places in Seville. Learn to dance the flamenco or simply relax and enjoy the family-friendly beaches at your luxurious all-inclusive vacation resort. The choice is yours!


Inspiring views and charming cities

As Europe’s oldest country, Portugal has an astounding collection of historic monuments, castles and ruins just waiting to be explored. In the North, Porto rises in tiers on the green hillsides, begging to be explored. In the south, the Algarve seduces visitors with its dramatic coastlines, family-friendly beach resorts and scenic golf courses.



All-inclusive Spring vacations in Japan

Japan is an excellent choice for a spring vacation due to the famous cherry blossom season, which typically occurs from late March to early May. The weather is mild and comfortable, making it ideal for outdoor activities like hiking and cycling. Spring is also a time for many exciting festivals and cultural events, offering visitors a unique and immersive experience of Japanese culture. The country's food scene is diverse and delicious, with many seasonal delicacies to try during the spring, such as sakura mochi and fresh bamboo shoots. Overall, a springtime visit to Japan provides a beautiful blend of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and culinary delights.


Must try activities in Spring in Japan

Where old meets new

From the ski slopes of Hokkaido to the subtropical islands of Okinawa, Japan vacations have adventures for every kind of traveler. Discover old Japan with Kyoto’s Golden Pavilion, the bamboo forests of Arashiyama and the red torii gates of Fushimi Inari Shrine. Or explore modern Tokyo with its neon-lit karaoke bars and vibrant Harajuku fashions.


Shoguns, shrines and sushi

Immerse yourself in Japanese culture on your Japan family vacation. Discover the history of the shogun and enjoy a traditional tea ceremony. Explore intricate Shinto shrines with the kids or soak in the mineral waters of a Japanese onsen. Make your own Ishigaki Yaki pottery or learn how to make sushi from scratch.


World-famous hospitality

From graceful geisha to shopkeepers’ cries of “irasshaimase”, Japan’s approach to hospitality is legendary. Similarly, our all-inclusive Japan vacations are designed to anticipate your every need. Savor fresh ramen, donburi and tempura or yakiniku cooked on your personal grill. Visit a friendly local izakaya for sake tasting or simply relax and take in the views of majestic mountains or lapping waves.


Wellness vacations this spring

Plant Based Dishes

Plant-based/gluten free dishes + New partnership with Beyond Meat, all available in the different stations of the buffet

Detox Water & Fresh juices
Choice of delicious teas ​
Unlimited detox water​
Smoothies and freshly pressed juices stations around the resort.* ​

Organic/ Locally sourced Food

An important part of our product are locally-sourced supporting local suppliers, as well as organic foods. ​

Easy Healthy

All day dining offering healthy meals & snacks for everyone​

From starters to desert, our Chefs ensure the diversity and quality of delicious healthy options with well balanced daily menu including large choice of vegetables, proteins associated with local specialties and french savoir faire. ​

Healthy Breakfast

Extensive choice of fresh fruits ​

Proteins breakfast with ‘à la minute’ eggs ​
Fresh orange juices & green juices ​
Trendy breakfast with acai bowls, oatmeal stations and avocado toasts*​

*only in selected resorts