Snow sports with Club Med

At every Club Med Mountain ski resort, you will have many options when it comes to choosing how to spend your time. Club Med not only provides premium ski and snowboard trails, equipment, and lessons, but also offers a diverse range of snow-based sports tailored to each specific resort. Whether you're interested in snowshoeing or sledding, we have an array of thrilling activities available, and the best part is that they are all included in your stay


At Club Med, we remember how it feels to discover the joy of winter sports and we have made it even easier. With lift passes and lessons for all levels and ages (from 4 years & up) included, learning to ski or snowboard is even easier than you think. We also teamed up with national ski schools to guide you, build confidence and develop the skills you’ll need to master the slopes!

Lessons for all levels from beginners to advanced skiers

Ready for that Winter ski vacation? Look no further than Club Med, where we provide comprehensive skiing lessons suitable for beginners all the way to advanced skiers. Our team of English-speaking instructors, affiliated with the National Ski Schools, will skillfully group individuals of similar abilities into convenient groups of 12. Prepare for a thrilling skiing experience with both morning and afternoon sessions, scheduled from Monday to Friday, when you book our classic seven-day package.

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Included Ski Pass

As part of your all-inclusive Club Med Ski vacation, a 6-day ski lift pass is included (when you book a classic seven-day package). To ensure you make the most of your time on the slopes, your ski pass will be readily available for collection upon your arrival at the resort. Don't waste a single moment - dive right into your skiing adventure without any delays.

Professional equipment & ski locker rooms at our resorts

All our ski resorts provide convenient locker rooms for your personal and hired ski equipment. Skip the hassle of visiting nearby ski hire stores, as all equipment management is handled seamlessly at the Club Med ski resort.

Tailored experience for all

Discover the essence of our all-inclusive ski experience with over 18 stunning resorts in the Alps. Whether you're traveling with a group of friends or looking for that perfect family ski holiday, we take pride in offering a variety of options to suit every preference. Explore our group ski holiday packages and family ski adventures for an unforgettable winter getaway.


At our resorts, we take great pride in providing an exceptional snowboarding experience that mirrors the privileges offered to skiers. You'll find our National Snowboard Schools staffed with highly skilled English-speaking instructors, eager to guide you through the thrills of snowboarding. With careful consideration, these instructors thoughtfully arrange small groups of no more than 12 individuals based on their snowboarding abilities. This personalized approach ensures that you'll be surrounded by like-minded snowboarders, fostering a supportive atmosphere where everyone can progress and enjoy the slopes to the fullest.


Snowboard lessons for all levels, from beginners to advanced

New to snowboarding? No worries! We've got you covered with our comprehensive snowboarding guide, offering valuable insights and tips for a confident and curious approach to the slopes. Join our classic seven-day package for an unforgettable snowboarding adventure from Monday to Friday, where the snow-capped mountains become your exhilarating playground. Whether you're a seasoned snowboarder seeking challenges or a beginner eager to learn, our resorts are the perfect destination for an unforgettable snowboarding escapade. Embrace the spirit of adventure, grab your snowboard, and get ready for an incredible journey down the powdery slopes, creating lasting memories amid the breathtaking beauty of the mountains.

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Free ski lift pass

Embark on a 7-day Club Med ski holiday, and delight in a complimentary 6-day ski lift pass that awaits you upon arrival at the resort. Skip the hassle and head straight to the slopes without wasting a moment. The perfect way to make the most of your winter escape!

Professional snowboards and boots at our resorts

Experience the ultimate convenience with our all-inclusive snowboarding package! Simply grab your snowboard and boots right at the resort and find your locker room ready for use. Leave the stress of gathering equipment outside the resort behind as you embrace a seamless and hassle-free snowboarding adventure.

Snowboard programme for kids, starting from 8 years old

Traveling with the family and eager to introduce the kids to the excitement of snowboarding? Fantastic news! At our Club Med ski resorts, snowboarding is available for children aged 8 and above. Rest assured that kids will be grouped according to their skill level, whether they're beginners or advanced snowboarders, and will receive expert guidance from the National ski school for a thrilling and safe snowboarding experience.

More Snow Sports at Club Med

Varies upon resort

At Club Med, winter is a time of endless adventure and excitement, with a plethora of exhilarating activities awaiting your discovery. Beyond the traditional skiing and snowboarding, our resorts offer a diverse range of winter sports to suit every preference and skill level. From serene Nordic walks that immerse you in the beauty of snow-covered landscapes to heart-pounding bobsleighing experiences that ignite your adrenaline, we have something for everyone to enjoy.

Nordic walks

Nordic walking, a unique way to explore snowy landscapes, is now available in many European destinations. Originating from Nordic countries, this activity has become one of the rapidly growing winter sports. To practice Nordic walking, you'll need specific poles designed for the snow and a destination with trails suitable for this activity. Experts say that if you can walk, you can do Nordic walking, and once you gain confidence in your poles, you can easily tackle the steepest climbs and descents.

Difficulty: 2/5
Equipment: Nordic walking poles included
Ideal location: Quebec Charlevoix, Canada

Snow mountain biking

The combination of bikes and snow doesn’t normally end well, but many European destinations have started adding snow mountain biking to their range of winter sports. The activity was invented in the US over 30 years ago and is now one of the country’s fastest growing snow sports, with Europe not far behind. You’ll need a specialist ‘fat bike’, which features wide, chunky wheels, as well as a destination with snow bike trails to follow. Experts say that if you can ride a regular bike then you can ride a snow bike, and once you learn to trust the bike’s grip, you can tackle the steepest climbs and descents with ease.

Difficulty: 2/5
Equipment: A ‘fat bike’ with extra-wide wheels, and a helmet
Ideal location: Val Thorens, France


Long seen as a sport for steely-nerved Olympians or fearless Blue Peter presenters, bobsleighing is now open to everyone willing to throw themselves down a two-kilometre undulating sheet of ice at over 80mph. Assuming you’re a beginner, experts will give you all the training and information you need to stay safe on the track, as well as an experienced pilot to get you down in one piece. And if the bobsleigh isn’t terrifying enough, you could always try the luge or the skeleton…

Difficulty: 4/5
Equipment: Helmets, skinsuits and a bob ‘raft’ are all available to rent
Ideal location: The Olympic Bobsleigh Track in La Plagne, France


Once an activity for visitors to the far north of Europe and beyond, dog sledding has gained a huge amount of popularity in ski domains in Switzerland, France and Austria. Surrounded by the beautiful landscapes of mountain ranges and snow-covered forests, you’ll be pulled along at high speed by a team of energetic Huskies or Alaskan Malamutes, the only sounds being the crunch of the snow and the panting of the dogs. You’ll be given full training in how to handle your dogs and sled, as well as the full range of commands (none of which are ‘mush’).

Difficulty: 2/5
Equipment: Dogs and sled are provided
Ideal locations: Quebec Charlevoix, Canada

Ice skating

Nothing beats gliding around in the clean, crisp mountain air surrounded by stunning snow-covered scenery. While most winter sports resorts will boast at least one outdoor rink, there are some breathtaking natural rinks created from frozen lakes. One of the most famous is the scenic open-air rink in Tignes, France, which offers ice hockey as well as skating.

Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: Skates are available to rent at most locations
Ideal location: Tignes, France

Other ice skating activities

There’s much more on offer at the domain’s ice rinks than simply skating around in a large circle. Many will give you the chance to try other activities such as ice hockey, speed skating, curling and ice biking, all with expert instructors on hand to make sure you have fun and stay safe. Some domain’s lakes are even starting to offer ‘ice blokarting’, a cross between windsurfing and go-karting, with ice blades instead of wheels. And when you’re exhausted after all that skating activity, there’s plenty of food and drinks stalls nearby, or even on the ice itself, to help you wind down and warm up.

Difficulty: 3/5
Equipment: All equipment will be available to rent
**Ideal location: ** Saint Moritz, Switzerland

And for the really adventurous…

If you’re after something even more exciting, there are some specialist sports that will give you a few tales to tell at the bar. Skijoring, which means ‘ski driving’, involves a skier being pulled along at great speed by a team of dogs or horses over a course that often includes jumps. If you really don’t like skis, you could try snow kayaking, in which you negotiate a fast slope sitting in a kayak, or snow tubing in an inflatable ring. For the truly adventurous, night sledding offers thrills and, quite likely, spills as you speed down a mountain in complete darkness, with only a headlamp and blind panic to get you to the bottom. Good luck!

Sports indoor

Immerse yourself in a warm and energetic atmosphere as you discover our selection of indoor sports, including yoga, fitness, cardio training, swimming, stretching and climbing.

Whether you're looking to recharge your batteries, improve your fitness level or get in some intensive training, our team of qualified instructors is on hand to guide you throughout your experience. Let yourself be inspired by the different activities available and enjoy a privileged moment to refocus, let off steam and push back your limits in an environment conducive to well-being and performance.