Explore the great outdoors and wilderness on an all-inclusive stay in Canada.

In this land where nature is king, adventures are rich in sensations in every season. Experience a stay in Quebec and explore the parks and the incredible landscapes of the country with the maple leaf.

The must-see to discover in Canada :

Here the adventure begins!

From the vestiges of the past to snow-capped peaks, from the purity of lakes to the immensity of forests, Canada is a land of adventurers. From your Resort Club Med Québec Charlevoix, discover the region's countless beauties. In Canada, a paradise for hikers and travelers, immerse yourself in the wide open spaces and their many colors. In the middle of these landscapes, punctuated by the seasons, the exceptional fauna and flora are the promise of great sensations. During your stay in Charlevoix, oscillate between natural adventures and sports activities and in the parks, travel through some of the most beautiful scenery in Quebec.

Vacations in Canada during summer: a greening up

As the first days of summer warm the forests of Canada and the nights grow shorter, sumptuous hues are revealed. The great expanses covered with white give way to brilliant colors. The land thaws, the rivers flow and all of nature offers you new adventures. Sail on the St. Lawrence River from the Resort Club Med Charlevoix or admire the view of the entire region from the top of Mont Liguori. And as the seasons extend, extend your stay in Canada to enjoy the Indian summer. Halfway between fall and winter, during this period of mildness, the coniferous forests illuminate the landscape with their many colors.

Winter travel in Canada: immersion in a white paradise

A northern country where snow-covered peaks, frozen lakes and northern lights mingle, Canada is a paradise for lovers of winter sensations. Forests and hills are covered in white and become a playground for snowboarders. Snowshoeing, downhill skiing or trail crossing await you at this time of the year. In the forest of the Sentier des Caps in Charlevoix, put on your cross-country skis and sway between the birches and pines of Eastern Canada. Facing these white peaks, the St. Lawrence River** also offers adventures in the wild. Take a kayak for a trip around the frozen landscape.

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