Enjoy a dream stay in our adults-only areas

Whether you're a couple, a single parent, a group of friends... we've got it all!

Our singles resorts are perfect for solo travelers looking for the flexibility of independence, while still having sufficient opportunities to mingle and make new friends. At Club Med, single travelers can enjoy sports, leisure time by the pool, masterfully mixed cocktails, gourmet cuisine, and so much more!

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Discover Our Selection of the Best Resorts for- Couple, Single Travelers & Friends


Turks & Caicos

Give yourself a thrill at our adults-only, Turks & Caicos all-inclusive paradise, located in Grace Bay of Providenciales Island. Relish in the excitement of your favorite watersports, or go for a swing on the flying trapeze before dancing the night away under the stars. Surrounded by vividly colorful bungalows, gorgeous hibiscus-lined beaches, and turquoise waters, this resort offers a picturesque setting for creating ever-lasting memories.


Arcs Extrême


At the foot of the slopes, at an altitude of 2 000 feet (6 560 ft), Club Med Arcs Extrême guarantees you'll have masses of snow. For real snow sports fans looking for good skiing and a lively atmosphere. Snow sports and fun at the top of the mountains at Club Med Arcs Extrême Resort!


A peaceful haven for adults

At a selection of our resorts couples and adults over 18 can enjoy true peace of mind at our adult-only Zen Zones which offer private pools, adults-only beaches, bars and spacious rooms and suites.

Every relaxing getaway needs that extra touch… Enter our ultimate adult-exclusive sanctuary, where dedicated spaces and refined details make the experience unforgettable. Let yourself be pampered in one of our spas* and enjoy moments of pure relaxation.

*at extra cost


Enjoy an all-inclusive retreat in Quebec

Club Med Quebec Charlevoix

Nestled in the heart of the majestic Charlevoix mountains, this serene setting promises moments of escape and absolute wellness. Immerse yourself in a chic, refined atmosphere where authentic Quebec charm blends with upscale services.

Stimulating activities, breathtaking scenery, conviviality and sharing await you. Explore the hiking trails, savor the pleasures of local and international gourmet cuisine and relax in our wellness area for a total escape from everyday life.

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