For anyone looking for sun, sea, sand and adventure, the Caribbean is a veritable paradise. White sand beaches, warm turquoise waters and a variety of activities for all ages make vacations to the Caribbean postcard perfect.

Dominican Republic - All-inclusive vacations

An all-inclusive luxury vacation in the Dominican Republic is an opportunity to let go and enjoy a truly relaxing time in the heart of the Caribbean!

Discover Punta Cana's white sandy beaches, turquoise waters and enjoy the many activities that Club Med will offer you throughout your stay in the Dominican Republic: Scuba diving and sailing, golf and tennis, and even a choice of acrobatic activities designed by the Cirque du Soleil teams for Club Med!
Discover also the new Exclusive Collection resort - Miches Playa Esmeralda - and its 5 distinct atmospheres!

Discover the Dominican Republic

The Bahamas - All-inclusive vacations

Discover the underwater treasures of the Bahamas!

Year-round sunshine, turquoise waters, white sandy beaches, color, art and lively music.
The Bahamas is the perfect destination for scuba diving or simply for an idyllic vacation, and to make your Bahamas experience even more exceptional, Club Med offers packages that combine the simplicity of all-inclusive vacations with the comfort and service of high-end vacations.

Discover the Bahamas

Columbus Isle

Embrace authentic, slow living and bask in the breathtaking natural beauty of the Bahamas. Expanding across 89 acres, Club Med Columbus offers a surreal, secluded stay with boundless white sand beaches alongside infinite blue water. Settle into brightly colored bungalows and begin your escape filled with explorations on land, adventures above and below sea, wellness experiences, and leisure activities. There are no limits to your stay with delightful culinary experiences including healthy options and the freshest seafood, Club Med Spa by Sothys, and island activities and excursions. Disconnect and reset on this exotic retreat, with endless experiences that will become cherished memories

Guadeloupe - All-inclusive vacations

Treat yourself to an all-inclusive luxury stay in Guadeloupe, at La Caravelle near Pointe-à-Pitre.

Spending your vacations in Guadeloupe is the opportunity to let go while enjoying an exceptional climate under the Caribbean sun and while lounging on a fine sandy beach that gives you a taste of paradise!
The whole family will enjoy activities adapted to their desires: scuba diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing, beach soccer for sports moments but also, spa and massages for relaxing moments.

Discover Guadeloupe


La Caravelle, on the Grande-Terre "wing" of Guadeloupe, welcomes you for a superb all-inclusive vacation on this French Caribbean island. Between Club Med sports - sailing, flying trapeze and more - and chilling on the beach, you'll find the perfect balance to ensure you of a total "getaway" holiday. Guadeloupe's most beautiful beach is all yours! New products to discover in your Resort, with an enriched offer for families, and new experiences that everyone can enjoy.

Martinique - All-inclusive vacations

Dreaming of a trip to Martinique? Club Med invites you to discover the Buccaneer's Creek Resort located between Anses d'Arlet and Pointe des Salines, in the southwest of Martinique.

Spending your vacation in Martinique is an opportunity to let go while enjoying an exceptional climate and an idyllic setting!
Facing the Diamond Rock, the Resort Club Med Buccaneer's Creek is located on one of the most beautiful beaches of the area. Make your vacation in Martinique an unforgettable one thanks to the multitude of activities that you can enjoy without limit and to the quality of the restaurants and accommodations.

Discover Martinique

Buccaneer's Creek

With fantastic views across the horizon, Club Med Les Boucaniers Resort is set in an immense coconut grove on the most stunning part of the Martinique coastline, in the heart of the Caribbean. Head down to its famous comma-shaped pontoon surrounded by the bay's crystal clear waters. The perfect place to admire the famous Diamond Rock.
Get your thrills surfing and enjoying various water sports, hike through a lush forest, celebrate with the local carnival, sample the spicy flavours of local specialities... Club Med des Boucaniers Resort is just like "Flower Island": colourful, vibrant and fun.

Turks & Caicos - All-inclusive vacations

Want to travel to the Caribbean? Discover the Turks and Caicos Islands located in the southeast of the Bahamas.

Formerly a haven for privateers, the eight Turks and Caicos Islands are now a dream destination for those who want to enjoy a stay in a paradise on earth!

The Club Med Resort, located in Turkuoise, is reserved for adults only, an ideal spot for scuba diving or a vacation with friends or alone.
Enjoy an all-inclusive luxury vacation in the middle of the Caribbean, with unlimited beach parties! Recover from your wild night by alternating between relaxing on the white sand beach and swimming in the turquoise waters.

Discover Turks & Caicos islands


The south-east Bahamas are a heavenly setting for a Turks and Caicos all-inclusive vacation by the sea. Reserved exclusively for adults, Turkoise Club Med wears its name well, located alongside a fabulous turquoise lagoon. A divers' paradise, it is also the perfect spot for those in search of sun, fun and sports - night and day, ambience guaranteed. All-inclusive Turks and Caicos resorts for families are also nearby if you’re looking for a more family-friendly destination.

Cruises in the Caribbean

from November to April

All-inclusive Caribbean cruises between November and April: embark on a majestic five-masted ship to discover the most magical and least crowded coves.

The islands of sparkling sand, the colonial charm, the happiness of sailing towards turquoise waters... You are in the Caribbean!
Discover Barbados, the Virgin Islands, the French West Indies, St Barthélemy...

Our yacht: eight teak decks, sea view cabins, suites bathed in light and overlooking the ocean, a shipowner's suite with an idyllic decor offering customized services, the Club Med Spa for moments of serenity and well-being.

Discover our cruises in the Caribbean

Winter cruises 2022/2023

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