All-Inclusive fall destinations

Retreat to Club Med this fall and discover the perfect autumn getaway. Enjoy all-inclusive stays in beautiful destinations with activities for all ages, including outdoor sports, cultural experiences, and relaxation. Relish in the cool autumn weather, seasonal events, and enjoy the lower fall prices. Book now and make unforgettable memories with Club Med.

Why travel in fall?

Leave behind the crowds
Evade hot and humid weather
Gaze at the stunning fall foliage
Lower fall prices
Fall festivals

Where to travel


All-inclusive Fall vacations in Quebec

Known for its stunning fall foliage, Charlevoix is an ideal destination for families or couples looking for a fall getaway in the mountains. Cozy up by the fire place surrounded by changing leaves with only a light jacket needed to stay comfortable. Meet the wildlife that walks the forest with our vast range of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking and more! Book now and experience the beauty and adventure of Quebec in the fall with Club Med.


Must Try Activities this Fall

Quebec Charlevoix

Just over an hour away from Quebec City, discover Club Med Quebec Charlevoix, the unique Canadian Resort. Facing the famous St Lawrence River and immersed in natural surroundings, the Resort offers an invitation to explore amazing landscapes. Whatever the season, the colours and the magic of the natural world offer the promise of a unique experience of both the river and the mountains. Contemporary architecture blended with traditional Native American culture make up a distinctive world filled with the best of history and modernity.

The Caribbean and Mexico

All-inclusive Fall vacations in The Caribbean and Mexico

Indulge in the ultimate all-inclusive Caribbean and Mexican getaway this fall. With their tropical climate, it remains warm all year-round, but during the fall, you can catch a break from the high humidity and harsh heat. And the best part? You can enjoy the slow season by taking advantage of affordable prices on flights, accommodations, and activities. Bask in the warm sun, take a dip in the crystal-clear waters, and immerse yourself in the local culture and cuisine. Book now for an unforgettable escape to paradise!


Must try activities in the fall

Visit the Carbet Waterfall

This is one of the most beautiful hiking itineraries to take with your family, on the side of Terre-Basse, 1 hour from your Club Med La Caravelle resort. Famous for being the most beautiful waterfalls in the Lesser Antilles, these three waterfalls of 115, 110 and 20 meters are to be admired. Once you've seen the first two, head to the next one to take a dip in the refreshing waters of its large circular pool.

Horseback Riding

Horse-riding on the beach or through the hinterland. It's time to explore the beautiful natural environment of the Dominican Republic.
Make the most of the landscape and installations to discover the region differently.

Paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddle boarding is done in the sea, close to the shore. The paddle boarder stands on a large surfboard and paddles, the difficulty being to keep your balance (originally the paddle boarder used his arms like a surfer).

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All-inclusive Fall vacations in Japan

Like Quebec, you can witness the golden transition from summer to winter on the Japanese island of Hokkaido during the fall months. There are several autumn festivals in Hokkaido dedicated to the beauty that autumn brings each year, many of which are close to the Club Med resorts and offer a fantastic way for travelers to learn about Japanese traditions. Not only that, but you can experience the stunning autumn foliage and a wide range of outdoor activities, from hiking to hot springs all-included. Book your trip now and create unforgettable memories in Hokkaido.


Must try activities in the fall

Visit the Otaru Fish Market

Visit the famous Otaru Fish market in Hokkaido! The market has a long history for being one of the largest centers for seafood in Japan and has many stalls with a wide variety of seafood that you can purchase, sample and eat at restaurants! Try their famous grilled fish or hotpots to get the most authentic local Japanese meal.

Cross-country biking

Soft sand and calm waters on one side, lush mountainsides on the other. Take to the saddle for a real adventure. Sign up for a mountain biking expedition based on your skill level, and slot in behind your G.O®'s rear wheel. Whether you pedal towards the landscapes of Oppai Yama or towards the Kabira bay, one thing's for sure: the views will be fantastic.

Discovery hiking

Discover the extremely lush vegetation of Ishigaki island with our guided trekking tours. Follow us through a preserved rainforest and enjoy breathtaking view from the top of Mount Maetake
Available every day, morning and afternoon. Tour might be cancel depending on weather condition.

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All-inclusive Fall vacations in Brazil

Enjoy the best of Brazil's natural beauty during the fall when the weather is the mildest and least humid. Visit the lush Amazon, sprawling coastlines or explore the surrounding villages without worrying about overcrowding, busy streets, or high prices due to the low season of autumn. Club Med's all-inclusive resorts provide luxurious comfort, endless activities on the water and land ensuring a stress-free and unforgettable Brazilian escape!


Must try activities in the fall


Climb aboard a catamaran on Lake Taiaçupeba. Want to try sailing? Your G.O®s are there to teach and guide you in steering your vessel. More experienced sailors can sail the catamarans alone. Another option is to let your G.O® take the tiller and relax as a passenger while exploring the lake.

Visit Mirror Beach

Located between the villages of Trancoso and Caraíva, Praia do Espelho is considered one of the most enchanting beaches in the south of Bahia. Come relax on this perfect beach, which brings together gigantic cliffs, coconut trees and wonderful blue waters that form beautiful natural pools.

Wake board and Water Ski

Fans of waterskiing and wakeboarding: whether you're a beginner or an expert, join us at the little wooden pontoon on the beach. A 5 minute walk from the heart of the Resort, it's the gateway to all the delights watersports have to offer. Take on the emerald-blue Atlantic waves and take in the uninterrupted 360° views of the bay.

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