Europe is a modern continent with a rich history. Medieval castles are testament to millennial of prosperity interspersed with conflict. Rolling green countryside gives way to dramatic mountain ranges and idyllic beaches, while museums and galleries offer up evidence of Europe’s rich culture and heritage.


France is known for fine wine and cuisine, cutting-edge fashion, opulent beaches, top-notch skiing resorts and world-renowned museums and galleries that hold some of the world’s best-known works of art. Visitors can hang out on the beaches in the South of France, explore the wine country, or get lost amid the endless cultural attractions and outdoor cafes of Paris. A vacation in France will not leave you disappointed.


Any Mediterranean vacation would not be complete without a visit to Greece, home to some of the world’s most fascinating and well-preserved historical ruins, which tell the tale of Greece’s ancient civilization. Outside of the capital city of Athens, there are many worlds to explore, including the majestic mountains of the Sporades, volcanic calderas on the island of Santorini and miles upon miles of stunning beaches.


Steeped in history, uniquely Sicilian, and located at the heart of the Mediterranean, the island of unrivaled beauty offers an array of sea, mountain and
volcanoes conducive to a myriad of outdoor activities. Discover the wonders of Sicily during your all-inclusive vacation with us.

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Portugal offers beautiful beaches, charming fishing villages and a pleasant countryside for visitors to explore. The capital city of Lisbon is the country’s cultural and financial hub, but this is only the beginning of a well-rounded Portugal vacation. The historical sites chronicle this nation’s rich past, including old-world monarchies and dedicated exploration of the new world. From the vineyards, olive gardens and rolling hills of the inland region to the bustling ports and traditional villages of the coast, Portugal is a destination like no other.


Spain offers beautiful beaches, charming cities and a pleasant countryside. The historical sites of this country’s past, permeated by its Roman heritage, make Spain one of the major Latin countries of Europe. From the vineyards and gardens of the inland region to the traditional villages of the coast, Spain is a vacation destination like no other.


Turkey is truly a place where east meets west. With strong Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and European influences, the culture is diverse and fascinating. Visitors flock to Turkey for a glimpse into ancient empires including the Byzantines, Ottomans, Romans and Hittites. You can explore medieval castles, stand in awe of opulent royal palaces, shop in bustling Turkish marketplaces or enjoy the sumptuous, spice-laden cuisines of this unique and varied nation.