Glossary of Key terms

Speak the Club Med

A unique language for a memorable experience

Great Members, Village, Chief of Village... are terms you will encounter often and only at Club Med.
For you to live intensely your Club Med experience upon arrival, discover the words that will soon be part of your daily life. We have created a unique language, to match your every mood.


"Village" is what we sometimes call our resorts because they're so private, safe, and intimate - and also due to the sense of community and family among our guests.


Is the resort manager who oversees the on-site team and day-to-day affairs of the resort.


or G.M.'s

That's you!
The term"G.M." is loosely translated from the original French as "Genteel Members" but we more commonly us the term "Great Members" to refer to our guests.


or G.O.'s

Is what we call our on-site resort team.
They will keep you entertained with exciting programs, activities, and events. They're sometimes called "the heart and soul of the Club Med experience".


Are choreographed dance numbers that are easy to learn and fun for everyone. They're a unique part of Club Med's festive spirit that you may participate in. Just ask a G.O. to teach you!


Invite G.M.'s to mirror the special dress codes that our G.O.'s wear to our evening entertainment and parties. It's entirely up to you, but it's definitely a fun way to share the Club Med spirit with G.O.'s.


Thanks to the Club Med resort credit card, your purchases made in the resort have never been easier! As you arrive, don't forget to request it at the reception to enjoy your experience from the beginning of the holidays.


To help you unwind and reconnect, we invented the all-inclusive concept, a package that included all the necessary ingredients for a dream holiday.
Transportation, transfer, accommodation, delicious meals, but also a complete range of personalized services for you and the children. No stress. No constraints. Just happiness of renewed spontaneity.

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