Club Med is launching an iconic brand campaign with a powerful tagline: That's L'Esprit Libre.

L'Esprit Libre represents those moments when we finally feel like we’re on vacationdisconnected from the worries and the stress of everyday life to fully embrace the present moment.

§ If you have nothing to do and all day to do it...

§ If you’re so laid-back, you can’t remember when you last wore shoes...

§ If the only meeting you have is with your family...

§ If your family vacation actually feels like a vacation...

§ That’s L’Esprit Libre

Behind the scenes

The campaign was developed by the award-wining agency, 180 Amsterdam, in collaboration with the director Jules Renault and the photographer Ronan Gallagher.

Together, they pay a heartfelt tribute to Club Med's origins and French heritage, emerging in 1950 with one single focus in mind – delivering a sense of disconnection and happiness combined with a modernized, creative twist.

That’s L'Esprit Libre represents the gift of well-deserved peace of mind and a chance to embrace a new way of bringing your vacation to life with simple moments of relaxation, freedom to be yourself and pure elegance.

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