Whether it is your first time in the mountains or your 50th trip to high altitude, a ski holiday needs careful thought. What might be right for some may not be right for you. There are options available to suit singles, couples and families including different types of accommodation and resort. The secret is, of course, planning and we outline what you should be thinking about when looking for the perfect ski package holiday and where to ski.

The numbers game

Before we decide on the all important question of where to go, we need to work out what we actually want from our ski holiday. Start with how many people are going. Is it a group holiday or just one or two of you? If you have kids in tow make sure there will be entertainment for them away from the slopes and that there are restaurants that will suit their sometimes picky tastes. At Club Med we have Kids Clubs to keep children happy and making friends while the adults are enjoying the skiing. Plus we always make sure the cuisine is suitable for all and there is plenty to do in the evening. Those who are going solo or as a couple may want to think about a ski holiday destination aimed more at adults where the gluhwein flows freely in the evening and there is somewhere to dance until the early hours. Will you choose hotel accommodation or does a chalet make more sense to give you all the room you want and extra independence? Club Med has suitable accommodation for all: luxury hotel rooms and magical chalets all of which include every all-inclusive perk of our holidays.

Absolute beginners?

Another thing to think about is skill levels. Certain destinations offer more appropriate slopes for the beginner than others. If you are a novice then it is no good turning up to a resort where every run is aimed at the advanced skier and you spend your time circling around the practice slope. If there are newbies in your group make sure there are plenty of blue runs where they can try out their new found skills and enjoy the real sense of the freedom that skiing can bring. A little research will tell you what is available. Also, it might not just be about ski-ing. Does a member of your family prefer snowboarding and, if so, will there be suitable terrain or a park available for them to enjoy?

When to go

Families may not have an option of when to choose their skiing holiday with half terms being the only time slot available. It may be more expensive but you will enjoy the buzzy, busy atmosphere of a ski resort at peak season. Those without kids may want to avoid the more costly time of year when the queues are longer. We recommend March/April as an excellent time when the skiing is still good and the weather can be pleasant as well. Whenever you choose, remember that it is almost always cheaper to book early.


How are you going to get there? Train, plane or automobile and how much will it cost? By their very nature, [ski resorts are quite remote and you may have to spend some time planning your travel itinerary including overnight sleeping and pick ups from train stations. And if you are doing all that then the cost can soon add up. Alternatively, get someone else to do it for you. As part of our all-inclusive package, Club Med makes all the arrangements including flights and transfers to your resort at a reasonable price. You just sit back, relax and look forward to the sport.

Other budget considerations

The cost of your ski package holiday is more than just the room where you will sleep and unwind. You will also need to hire equipment, pay for ski passes and maybe lessons for the novices. And, of course, you need to eat and drink and enjoy your holiday. There is also the issue of equipment. Will you buy it at home and lug it all the way to resort or rent when you get there? All these things can prove to be expensive, especially for larger groups. How to save money? Club Med has everything covered in one price. You not only reduce your spend but the time and hassle it takes to organize passes, find the right ski schools or book the restaurants you want. We also have high quality equipment that can be easily rented to save you on the heavy luggage.

So where to go?

Having considered some of the factors involved in planning the perfect ski package holiday it is time for the really fun part: choosing your resort. In Europe there are many to pick from with the Alps and the Pyrenees providing plenty of places where the skiing and surrounding area are a sheer delight. At Club Med we principally focus on Quebec,skiing in French Alps, Italy and Switzerland, each of which offers something unique that could make your ski holiday truly memorable.

Swiss magic

The Swiss Alps are amongst the highest in Europe which means plenty of snow and great skiing throughout the season. Switzerland is also great for family holidays with lots of activities available such as tobogganing or a trip to lovely villages where the chocolate and cheese are irresistible. Enjoy dinner views over snowy valleys, horse-drawn rides in the cold and lazy spa afternoons watching the snowfall outside.

With Club Med you can explore the Swiss Alps from the comfort of a beautiful Swiss ski resort in glamorous St Moritz. We have everything you need for an amazing ski holiday, from ski passes and classes to delicious dinners and après ski. Enjoy championship ski slopes and cross-country trails in a sublime Alpine setting.

Italian style

The Italian Alps can offer you good slopes, good food and good company. Your ski package holiday also promises adventurous times for families and active ski groups.
When you are not skiing, explore the beautiful towns and amazing restaurants.

The climate in Italian Alps holiday destinations can vary hugely depending on where you choose to take your ski break, generally with warmer summers and winters than Switzerland in the areas occupying lower slopes and valleys. Club Med Pragelato-Vialattea is the perfect destination for classic chalet-style, all-inclusive family skiing holidays in the Italian Alps. This resort has a cozy mountain village feel and ski-in ski-out access to the famous Via Lattea (Milky Way) ski area. Enjoy authentic Italian cuisine and mountain specialties ready to fuel your next ski session.

French majesty

When it comes to the French Alps your choice is huge, particularly with Club Med. Expect breathtaking views, pretty villages and picture-perfect slopes. The French Alps can receive a lot of snow in winter, due to its naturally dry, cold continental climate. Winter sports enthusiasts are generally given the best of the snow in our French Alps resorts, with slopes of up to 3,000m high sitting in the most fruitful area for frost in the Alps. Take a look at our range of French ski resorts and decide what is best for you, for example the homely atmosphere of Alpe d'Huez, the forests of Les Arcs Panorama, the huge ski-ing area of Val Thorens Sensations or the luxury family chalets of Valmorel.

It is your holiday and your choice

In the end, the perfect ski package holiday depends on what you want to enjoy during your break. We would recommend taking a little time to do some research, find the right deal and then book as much in advance as possible so your holiday is about fun rather than planning and timetables. We look forward to seeing you in the mountains.

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