Celebrating New Year on a skiing holiday is a fabulous experience. As the bells ring for midnight you could find yourself in a snowy paradise surrounded by like minded people celebrating the past and the future. The next day you can put on your equipment and start the new year with a mind clearing zoom down the slopes. Who knows, you may even set a personal best to get January off to the best possible start?

In this article we look at the pros (and very few cons) of a new year ski holiday and offer some great suggestions about where you should book for a break that includes January 1st.

The advantages of a New Year skiing holiday

First of all let us get the negatives out of the way. It can be more expensive to travel around New Year but to counter that there are many great deals available, especially from Club Med. It can be a little noisy if you choose a resort where all night partying is the norm. Equally, you might also ruin your own skiing experience by indulging a little too much because, after all, it is New Year. However, that is about it as far as the drawbacks to skiing at the end of the year.

Now for the positives. The snow is good, the staff are ready to please, there is a sense of celebration in the air and there is likely to be something going on in every resort. It is up to you whether you want to join in and that is true for singles, couples and families.

For those with kids you can join up a fairytale Christmas in the snow with the end of the year for a true week to remember. Ever seen fireworks in the mountains? They will be spectacular. You can also avoid the slight sense of disappointment that can happen post Christmas on January 1st when you realize that the festive season is over for another year. It certainly isn't over when you are on your ski holiday.

Can I ski on New Year’s Day?

While much of the world closes down for the start of the year, the mountain slopes are still yours for the taking. After perhaps one too many gluhweins the night before, there is nothing better for body and soul than hitting the slopes to sweat off the excess and start January with some vigorous exercise. At Club Med, all our ski resorts offer a full range of sports on New Year’s Day with a hearty all-inclusive breakfast to get you started. Another great thing is that not everyone will have your willpower and energy that day and you could find that you have lots more space on the pistes than normal. Enjoy the freedom and fun.

Will there be snow for the New Year?

The New Year is actually a great time for snow which pretty much comes as guaranteed. Our climate may be changing but it is rare for New Year’s Day in the mountains to be without our favourite white stuff. This is early in the ski season and just before the really freezing temperatures of January and February begin. That makes for great skiing conditions with the chance for good powder and less chance of the slippery, icy snow that can be difficult for beginners.

Where to go for a New Year ski holiday

Your choice of New Year resort will be influenced by what you want from your ski break. If you want to enjoy a party atmosphere then choose a place where the night life is good. Families will want plenty for the kids to do. The dedicated winter sports fan will be looking at snow, slopes and facilities to make a decision.

One of the great things about Club Med is that all of our resorts offer lots of different types of experiences in one all-inclusive package. That means you can celebrate without all the planning and stress you experience at home as we deal with the meals and entertainment.

Here are three of our suggested resorts:

For the family

Québec Charlevoix Canada has something for everything including an amazing view of the Saint Laurent River which will be the perfect sight to greet you on New Year’s Day. Quebec is the ideal location to enjoy some family time. You will have access to the Paradiski snow domain which caters for every level. There is enough night life in the local area if the adults fancy sneaking out for a celebratory drink and plenty of places to relax with the family during the day to take in the magnificent views and plan for the year ahead.

For the party goer

If apres ski is high on your New Year wish list then Club Med Arcs Extrême is ideal. This is an adult-only resort which also gives you access to the fabulous Paradiski ski region. The sport can be intense and you can fit in some exhilarating runs during your festive break. At night the whole resort comes alive with the all-day bar turning into a joyful nightclub providing the music and drinks you want to toast another year. Catch up on your sleep in the colourful, comfy accommodation.

For the purist ski fan

Head to Italy and Club Med Pragelato Sestriere where the delightful hamlet also gives you access to the legendary Olympic slopes of the Via Lattea and Sestriere ski domain where you can truly test your skills and set the standard for the year to come. If you want to try your hand at something else then sledding with huskies is a highly recommended activity. After a long but glorious day on the slopes, wind down afterwards in our Finnish sauna while looking forward to some delicious Italian cuisine for dinner.

Happy New Year

Start next year with a bang by hitting the slopes on January 1st. A New Year ski break offers fun, sport and amazing memories. Check out Club Med’s many options for your holiday and great deals for the end and start of the year here.