Embrace Nature's Splendor: Club Med's Earth Month Celebration

Join Us in Preserving Paradise for Generations to Come

In honor of Earth Month, Club Med has launched several new corporate sustainability responsibility (CSR) commitments as part of our Happy to Care program for Earth Month and beyond.

We are thrilled to showcase the remarkable achievements by offering our guests the chance to join our cause and contribute to the impactful work of our partners, The Club Med Foundation. In its worldwide perimeter, The Foundation supports NGOs with endeavors to empower local vulnerable youth and protect the environment.

Together, let's celebrate Earth Month with a renewed commitment to sustainability, conservation, and authentic engagement with local cultures, destinations, and communities. Join us in preserving paradise, one breathtaking destination at a time. Welcome to Club Med, where the beauty of nature meets the joy of travel.

Biodiversity Protection

Preserving Natural Heritage

At our Caribbean resorts, in partnership with local organizations and environmental groups, we continue to pioneer biodiversity protection initiatives that foster sustainable tourism practices while safeguarding the islands natural treasures.

The Peregrine Fund

Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda, Dominican Republic

Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda partnered with non-profit organization, The Peregrine Fund, to raise awareness of endangered species endemic in the Dominican Republic via a hands-on workshop at the resort. During the captivating session, guests and staff learned about the endangered Ridgeway Hawk, unraveling its pivotal role in the Dominican Republic’s ecosystem. The session also shed light on The Peregrine Fund’s remarkable conservation efforts and allowed the group to forge real connections with two rescued hawks: Leo, a small Ridgeway Hawk, and Amazona, a Redtail Hawk. The Peregrine Fund, established in 1970, leads one of the most successful programs in the world dedicated to the conservation of birds of prey and their habitat. Their Ambassador Hawks initiative integrates birds of prey that are unable to return to the wild into impactful environmental educational programs. The collaborative workshop at Club Med Michès raised nearly $4,000 and is part of an ongoing financial commitment Club Med has made to the organization.

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Coral Protection with Only Blue for Reef

Club Med Columbus, Bahamas

Club Med Columbus will expand environmental support through its partnership with Only Blue supporting them in their launch as an official NGO: Only Blue for Reef. This partnership’s creation includes building three coral reef nurseries and restoring a major fish habitat. Both will be accessible by beginner divers, providing a hands-on experience to understand the importance of protecting these beautiful natural environments. In addition, divers can also play a part in protecting the coral via a new “Adopt a Coral” program where they will attach their “adopted” fragment of coral from the nursery to an artificial reef, under the supervision of a marine biologist.

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Protortuga, Sea Turtle Monitoring and Protection Program

Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda, Dominican Republic

Established in 2023 through a collaboration between PROMICHES (Hotel and Tourism Association El Seibo-Miches) and the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources, Protortuga aims to create optimal conditions for sea turtle reproduction on the beaches of Miches and La Vacama. In its inaugural year, the Miches Sea Turtle Monitoring and Protection Program monitored 30 miles of coastal area, safely released 728 baby turtles, and engaged over 380 participants in environmental workshops. With three identified species of sea turtles to protect – Leatherback, Green, and Carey – Protortuga plays a crucial role in both conservation efforts, having registered 1,399 turtle eggs to date, and creating the link between tourism and environmental conservation in the Dominican Republic.

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Social Commitment

Sharing Value Locally

At Club Med, we believe we’re able to extend a hand to local communities through initiatives like eco-friendly resort operations and cultural preservation efforts. Club Med aims to create positive impacts on both the environment and the communities we operate in, fostering a more sustainable and inclusive tourism industry.

Sea Camps for Kids

Club Med Columbus, Bahamas

Club Med Columbus has teamed up with local scuba provider Only Blue Diving to organize a 3-day Mini Sea Camp for teens of San Salvador Island, a marine reserve protected since 2002 by the Bahamian government. The camp consists of snorkeling with sea animals, coral identification, and lessons on the Bahamas most precious resource to raise awareness of reef preservation and the education of marine ecosystems. In 2024, Club Med Columbus has committed to hosting the monthly Mini Sea Camp with the goal of providing the beneficial experience for local teens.

Only Blue is a committed and eco-responsible center, concretely active in the preservation of the oceans and the marine environment of San Salvador. In addition to the Mini Sea Camps, Only Blue offers training programs delivered by certified instructors including Coral Reef Conservation, Sea Turtle Awareness, Shark Conservation, Dive Against Debris and more. Only Blue Diving provides scuba and dive packages for Club Med guests of all skill levels that include equipment, courses and excursions on eco-responsible boats.

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