Club Med at Home

Bringing Club Med spirit to you : weekly activities, recipes, games and more!

In these unprecedented times, we are looking forward to helping you bring the Club Med spirit alive in your own homes. Our latest series of activities, Club Med at Home, is designed to bring families together to laugh, relax and reconnect.

We will be sharing exclusive recipes, expert training workouts, entertainment for your little ones inspired by our Mini Club G.O teams, as well as family game night ideas to help you take advantage of this special time with your loved ones.

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Host a family night

Build memories together with activities designed for family fun

Camp in your backyard (or your living room!)

It’s time for a fall campout! Ready the marshmallows, get out your flannel, flashlights, and some good old spooky stories for a night you won’t forget. Check out our guide below to the best family or friends campout – whether that’s out in the yard or in the living room under a blanket tent.

  • Create an ambiance:
    Whether you’re outside on a crisp night or inside, proper ambiance is essential to any good campout. Set up your tents, chairs, pillows, lanterns around your area and make sure everyone is dressed appropriately (Did we say flannel?).

  • Bring on the food:
    1 word: Marshmallows! Whether you’re around a real fire or pop those fluffy clouds of sweetness into the oven (bake then broil slightly for that authentic char) no campout is complete without a traditional smore! Don’t forget to bring on some salty foods as well. Our favorites? Anything easily handheld: corn on the cob or skewers of any kind.

  • Prepare your spooks:
    Entertainment is key to any good event, and for a campout that certainly includes spooky stories (ghost or otherwise). Make sure you practice your story, dim the lights, and get that flashlight ready to give your audience a real scare!

Amazing Family Dance Party

Show us your best dance moves - organize your own dance party at home, with the those tunes sure to delight the whole family, thanks to our Amazing Family Mood playlist!

Ready. Set. Dance!

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You read that right! Since you can't come to us, we’ll bring our resorts to you. Use your favorite device to explore over 45 resorts worldwide. From the beaches of our Cancun Yucatan resort to the majestic mountaintops in Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon, France - experience Club Med around the world.

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